Michael (left) with Clem Sunter at the book launch of Knowing our Future at the Skoobs Theatre of Books, Montecasino, Sandton, South Africa.
Watch Michael explain the driving forces of the future on YouTube. “Finding Future X in Cape Town
We focus on works of Science Fiction, Science Faction as well as books on the future. Our mission is to provide to book sellers and readers literature with a future, that is, fictional and non-fictional works of deep insight into the driving forces of human life and civilisation, such as climate change, artificial intelligence, science and technology, etc.

Michael Lee is a Cape Town writer and futurist. He is a Full Member of the Association of Professional Futurists (http://www.profuturists.org), with an M.Phil in Future Studies (cum laude) from the Institute of Futures Research at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. Michael also earned a Master of Arts in English from UCT.

Consider our range of compelling fiction and non-fiction titles at affordable prices for the discerning reader.

Book covers and website designed by Kim Horne (with exception of Codebreaking our Future and Knowing our Future designed by Infinite Ideas).
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